Table 2.

Hazard Ratios of Anti-apoA-1 IgG for Incident Total, Nonfatal, and Fatal CAD in the General Population

n=5220Total Incident CAD (n=159)Nonfatal Incident CAD (n=134)Fatal Incident CAD (n=25)
Unadjusted ModelP ValueAdjusted ModelP ValueUnadjusted ModelP ValueAdjusted ModelP ValueUnadjusted ModelP ValueAdjusted ModelP Value
Positive vs negative1.39 (0.97–1.99)0.0731.36 (0.94–1.97)0.1051.58 (1.08–2.31)0.0181.53 (1.03–2.26)0.0340.54 (0.16–1.80)0.3130.56 (0.17–1.91)0.356
1 SD change in log-transformed anti-ApoA-1 IgG levels1.11 (0.96–1.28)0.1591.09 (0.94–1.27)0.2321.15 (0.99–1.34)0.0721.14 (0.97–1.33)0.1090.88 (0.61–1.29)0.5200.87 (0.60–1.27)0.474
Anti-ApoA-1 IgG levels*
 Negative (OD<0.64)1 (ref.)1 (ref.)1 (ref.)1 (ref.)1 (ref.)1 (ref.)
 First tertile (0.64<OD≤0.77)1.18 (0.64–2.19)0.5971.39 (0.74–2.59)0.8791.32 (0.69–2.53)0.4061.50 (0.78–2.89)0.2270.60 (0.08–4.43)0.6130.75 (0.96–5.92)0.788
 Second tertile (0.77<OD≤0.98)1.16 (0.63–2.16)0.6330.95 (0.48–1.88)0.8791.17 (0.59–2.33)0.6460.89 (0.41–1.93)0.7671.02 (0.24–4.37)0.9741.13 (0.26–4.90)0.872
 Third tertile (OD>0.98)1.79 (1.09–2.95)0.0211.70 (1.03–2.81)0.0382.21 (1.34–3.67)0.0022.14 (1.29–3.56)0.003No subjectsNo subjects
P value for linear trend0.0470.1600.0120.021
  • Results are expressed as adjusted hazard ratios and (95% confidence interval) for subjects positive (OD>0.64) vs negative (OD<0.64) for anti-apoA-1 IgG. Statistical analysis by Cox proportional hazards regression adjusted for age, sex, systolic blood pressure, diabetes mellitus, smoking, HDL and LDL cholesterol, baseline CAD, statin, β-blocker treatment, and eGFR. Anti-apoA-1 IgG indicates anti-apolipoprotein A-1 autoantibodies; CAD, coronary artery disease; eGFR, estimated glomerular filtration rate; HDL, high density lipoprotein; LDL, low density lipoprotein; OD, optical density; and SD, standard deviation.

  • * Subjects with positive Anti-ApoA-1 (n=1040) were divided in tertiles (n=347) of increasing titers: first tertile (0.64<OD<0.77), second tertile (0.77<OD<0.98), and third tertile (OD>0.98).