Table 3.

Level of Significance of Comparisons of Effects of Dietary Cholesterol Level on Cholesterol Biosynthesis as Measured by Deuterium Incorporation and Urinary Mevalonic Acid Excretion Methods

Subject Group
HypocholesterolemicNormocholesterolemicHypercholesterolemicAll Subjects
FSR, Pools/d
Dietary comparison
Low vs medium0.3020.1980.2410.045
Medium vs high0.4820.8050.6400.375
Low vs high0.2170.2840.2580.041
Dietary comparisonMevalonic Acid Excretion, ╬╝mol/d
Low vs medium0.3800.0430.6620.162
Medium vs high0.3820.1360.1100.038
Low vs high0.3240.0430.0680.006