Table 1.

Odds Ratios for Associations of Vascular Phenotypes With the Chr9p21 Risk Genotype

Vascular Disease PhenotypeOdds RatioSignificant AssociationRemarksReference
CAD (including MI)1.35 (<55 y)YesOR was increased in younger individuals9
1.21 (>56 y)
Incident CAD1.20YesHazard ratio21
Progression of CAD in patients with early MI1.5YesHazard ratio26
Incident MI in CAD patients0.89; 0.96NoNumbers are from two data sets27
Reoccurrence of MI patients with early MI1.05NoHazard ratio26
Carotid atherosclerosis (plaque)1.31; 1.46Yes30, 31
Carotid intima-media thickness (no plaque)1.0No30, 32
Stroke1.1 (all)YesSubtype-specific effect: increased OR for LAS41
1.2 (LAS)
Aneurysm1.31 (AAA)Yes38
1.29 (ICA)
Peripheral artery disease1.14Yes38
Incident heart failure1.17YesHazard ratio46
Sudden and arrhythmic cardiac death1.21Yes48
Mortality in the elderly (>71 y)1.19 (all)YesHazard ratios for all-cause and CAD mortality47
1.29 (CAD)
All-cause mortality after CABG1.7*Yes*Hazard ratio in carriers of 2 copies of risk allele49
  • Odds ratios are given per risk allele except where indicated. Data are derived from metaanalyses, if available, or largest published single data sets. CAD indicates coronary artery disease; MI, myocardial infarction; OR, odds ratio; LAS, large artery stroke; AAA, abdominal aortic aneurysms; ICA, intracranial aneurysms; CABG, coronary artery bypass grafting.

  • * Only data from homozygotes were available.