Table 2.

Genetic Risk Prediction With and Without Chr9p21 Genotype

ReferenceStudyProbands in Prospective Study (n)Mean Follow-Up (y)Risk Model Using CRFC-StatisticsReclassification: Significant Improvement
CRF OnlyCRF+Chr9p21Significant Improvement
Talmud et al23NPHS II274215FRS0.620.64NoYes
Brautbar et al20ARIC999814.6ACRS0.7820.786YesYes*
Paynter et al22WHS21 12910.2Reynolds score0.8070.809NoNo
Shiffman et al97CHS1495 (m); 2156 (f)12.6FRS0.581 (m); 0.619 (f)0.586 (m); 0.621 (f)NoNo
Ripatti et al99FINRISK and MDC30 72510.7Not specified0.8710.872NoNo
  • CRF indicates conventional risk factors; Chr9p21, chromosome 9p21; NPHS II, Northwick Park Heart Study II; FRS, Framingham Risk Score; ARIC, Atherosclerosis Risk in Communities; ACRS, Atherosclerosis Risk in Communities Cardiovascular Risk Score; WHS, Women's Health Study; CHS, Cardiovascular Health Study; m, men; f, women; MDC, Malmö Diet and Cancer Study.

  • * In particular in “intermediate high” and “intermediate low” risk categories.

  • Genetic risk score comprising Chr9p21 plus 12 additional single-nucleotide polymorphisms identified in genome-wide association studies before June 2009.