Proteolytic Degradation Products as Endogenous Inhibitors of Angiogenesis

For review see references 4, 150, 155.
Proteolytic fragments of the extracellular matrix
    Collagen type XVIII fragment:
    Collagen type IV fragments:
    Collagen VIII fragment: vastatin
    Collagen XV fragment: restin
    Laminin fragments
    Nidogen fragment
    Fibronectin fragment: anastellin
    Histidine-rich glycoprotein (HGRP) fragment
    Perlecan fragment: endorepellin
Proteolytic fragments of hemostasis factors
        Plasminogen fragments: Angiostatin, kringle 5
        HMW-kininogen fragment: Kininostatin (kringle 5 of HMWK)
        Prothrombin fragments: Kringle 2 fragments of kringles 1 and 2
Antithrombin III fragment
    Fibrinogen fragments
        Fibrinogen degradation peptide E
        Alphastatin: N-terminal 24 aminoacids of the α-chain of fibrinogen
    Urokinase fragment (Amino terminal fragment, Kringle)