Table 2. Hazard Ratios of Idiopathic Venous Thromboembolism in Relation to Both Estroges by Route of Administration and Concomitant Progestogens

TreatmentCases n=549Person-Years 811 643Hazard Ratios (95% Confidence Intervals)
Age-AdjustedMultivariable Adjusted*
*Adjusted for age, body-mass index, parity, education level, and time-period.
Data for adjustment missing for 19 cases and for 843 non-cases.
P for homogeneity between current use of oral estrogens vs current use of transdermal estrogens is significant (P=0.01).
P for homogeneity between progestogen subgroups is significant (P<0.01).
Never use1812913991 [reference]1 [reference]
Past use661009431.0 (0.7–1.3)1.1 (0.8–1.5)
Current use of oral estrogens81932111.5 (0.9–2.3)1.7 (1.1–2.8)
Current use of transdermal estrogens1742684811.1 (0.7–1.6)1.1 (0.8–1.8)
No progestogens use2646163
Current use of micronized progesterone47879590.9 (0.6–1.4)0.9 (0.6–1.5)
Current use of pregnane derivatives911258041.3 (0.8–1.9)1.3 (0.9–2.0)
Current use of norpregnane derivatives69788551.7 (1.1–2.6)1.8 (1.2–2.7)
Current use of nortestosterone derivatives22229111.4 (0.8–2.5)1.4 (0.7–2.4)
Current use of other treatment30476931.0 (0.7–1.5)1.1 (0.7–1.8)
Unknown1799162.0 (0.5–3.9)2.0 (0.5–3.9)