Table 4. Association of APOA5 Variant rs3135506 With Lesion Types in the Abdominal Aorta in HSDS Subjects (n=300)

VariableAPOA5 rs3135506NP*
Data are presented as mean±SE.
*The critical P value for 5 % significance is 0.01 using Bonferroni correction for 4 tests.
P value is smaller than the critical P value using Bonferroni correction.
‡Individuals with lesion area >0 of the particular lesion type were included in the analyses.
Calcified lesion area4.12±0.383.99±1.142390.85
Fatty streaks13.0±0.6116.0±1.932860.10
Fibrotic lesions6.07±0.319.48±1.272610.003
Complicated lesions7.42±0.717.26±1.681930.86